About eFakka

eFakka is a Fintech startup company that aims to improve and expand the scope of financial services through the mobile phone, where the application enables users to facilitate access to various credit facilities with ease in addition to many other financial services, our goal is to provide a different financial services in a way Simple and effortless wherever the user is. 

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To be a unique service provider by supporting the economy in maintaining the value of money.

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

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Notification No.1

The credit payment in Egypt, today estimated at 320000 million a month.

Notification No.3

Therefore, with several billion monthly cash payments, a massive amount of money exchange coins or small paper notes is in demand regularly.

Notification No.2

Nevertheless still the cash payment segment in Egypt is at present over 90% of all sales transactions.

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Though, is only met with massive frustration on account of continuous deficiency of small money and change.


Why Choose us

Get Your Facility

Efakka support you to buy what you need from any where on installment 

Prepaid Card

use your Efakka prepaid card for cash withdrawal and purchases

Instalment Payment

you can pay your monthly instalment through ATM deposit on outlets 

Second Salary

get your salary in advance


Benefits of digital account ?

efakka is a mobile application (iOS and Android) working as full digital solutions for lending companies (micro finance – consumer finance).

efakka is a very straight forward and simple application, depending on points collection so all your transactions are transferred into points, here is how it works

1 – Very simple user-friendly Arabic and/or English interface
2 – Fast loading time and efficient performance
3 – Highly secured with back end data in case of loss of unique code ID
4 – Compatible with all mobile platforms Android or Apple and IOS
5 – Can be operated from your computer through the efakka website
6 – Supported by helpful online customer relationship
7 – The application has been  tested for technical feasibility by 5 top vendors over a span of 2 months.

application intended to help the vendor and shopper to save their money change seldom redeemed during the daily cash payment transactions. The application is free to download giving you first 3 months from registration free of charge.

Only from the fourth month onward the application will automatically charge one point every 30 days

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